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Dr. Philip M. Buscemi, OD

Dr. Philip M. Buscemi, OD

Dr. Philip M. Buscemi, OD has over 34 years experience in consulting to the ophthalmic industry, including 26 years as an owner/practitioner, 20 years experience creating and managing the research and development of diagnostic instruments and software, 17 years as a GM or Director of ophthalmic companies, 11 years experience in business development, and 10 years organizing and running International distributors meetings.

Dr. Buscemi’s unique blend of experience and skill-sets brings tremendous value to his clients.



Key Highlights

  • 34 years experience in consulting to the ophthalmic industry
  • 17 years management experience as GM or Director of ophthalmic companies
  • 10 years experience organizing and running international distributor’s meetings
  • 11 years experience in business development
  • 20 years experience creating and managing the research and development of diagnostic instruments and software
  • 29 years experience academic and sales based lectures to OD’s, MD’s, and Industry
  • 26 years experience owner/practitioner of large optometric clinic



  • Expert business consultant to the ophthalmic industry
  • Experienced technical consultant to the ophthalmic industry
  • Management capability in R&D, corporate management, marketing, and sales
  • Presentation of complex information to experienced and non-experienced audiences
  • Highly imaginative thinker able to solve complex technical and business challenges
  • Very successful optometric practitioner


Professional Experience

1984 – Present Consultant to The Ophthalmic Industry, Greensboro, NC; Charleston, SC

  • Buscemi Group, LLC (Started April 1, 2017). The Buscemi Group has created synergies with the technical and investment community and other business development resources.  It advises clients on product ideas, new products, product development, clinical applications, marketing analysis, and business development.
  • MedOps, LLC (2006 -2017). Exclusive consultant to Nidek, Co. Ltd., Gamagori , Japan reporting direct to The President. Responsibilities included MD/OD relations, distributor relations, business development, and performing as a Director of Nidek Technologies Srl BoD. Revitalized, lectured to, and moderated Nidek’s International Distributor’s Meetings. Performed market analysis for various products including Nidek’s RS series of OCT. Successfully created a fast response group to get the OPD Scan to market. New product design and development including Magellan Corneal Topographer, CS-1 to CS-4, MP-1 to MP-3, Digital Gonio Scope (roll out coming), Magellan Mapper Neural Network, and others in development. Design of OPD Scan software for pre-op and post-op analysis of cataracts and IOLs. Contributed to design of software for numerous other Nidek instruments. Widely traveled International Lectures on Refractive Surgery, Wavefront Analysis, Corneal Topography, Neural Networks, Advanced Contact Fitting Strategies, Anti VEGF Therapies, and more.
  • Practitioner/Consultant (1982 – 2004) Performed various consulting Services and lectures for Tomey, EyeSys, Allergan, B&L, J&J, Paragon Vision Science, Echelon, Alges, Hydron and others. Self taught Object Oriented Programming (Visual Basic, Visual C++,etc.) to create and co-write Tomey’s contact lens software. Member of six-man committee that performed technical rescue of the TMS product line. Advised Tomey on product positioning in the International market. Conceived and co-created fully functional EMR software sold to Nidek and became NAVIS. Performed numerous clinical studies.


1980-2006 Business and Management, Greensboro, NC; Charleston, SC

Nidek Technologies America (2001-2006) VP/General Manager. A wholly owned subsidiary of Nidek Co Ltd. Ran all aspects of the business including sales and marketing, product incubation, as well as a Member of the Board of Directors. Successfully sold products created by Nidek Technologies Srl. In 2006 conceived of and implemented the merger of NTA into Nidek Inc., a wholly owned US division, with the loss of only one position.

  • Fortune Technologies America (1999-2001) Manager. A subsidiary of Nidek Technologies, Srl for sales, marketing, and product development of their instruments and software. Also served on The Board of Directors of NT, Srl.
  • Fortune Optical (2001) Purchased Fortune Optical from Tomey Corporation, repackaged and sold it to Nidek Co Ltd.
  • Private Optometric Practice (1980-2006) Created and grew highly successful optometric practices in the Greensboro area. Practices were then sold to the clinician.
  • Real Estate (1984-present) Successfully acquired and sold numerous Class A and Medical Office Buildings.


Academic Experience

1976 – 1980 Pennsylvania College of Optometry, Philadelphia, PA

BS,OD: with High Honors

  • Received Beta Sigma Kappa Medallion for an Original Paper
  • Beta Sigma Kappa, Gold Key International
  • Class President, VP Student Council, Class Representative


1972-1975 North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

BS Pre Med, with Honors

  • Performed research into genetic analysis of Drosophila Melanogaster
  • Performed research into isolation of active Sulfhydryl Oxidase onto Glass Beads to allow milk to be packaged without refrigeration in third world countries


Other Interests

Flight and Racing Simulator

  • Created a working flight/racing simulator using a projection dome. Performed all aspects including mechanical design, metalworking, welding, building electronics, and electronic and software integration from various international sources.


  • Created a private cooking group taught by a classically trained chef.


  • Member of Charleston Offshore Racing Association, CORA. Crew a J-130

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